Sunday, November 28, 2010

Where do you feel safe?

Demi Moore: In her bathroom.
Natasha Richardson: shot 4 months before she died in the arms of Liam.
Joely Richardson: "I breathe more easily when we are all together"
Keira Knightley: Alone with my thoughts
Kate Winslet: In the mist in front of my house.
Emma Thompson: I her Scottish River, here "I am completely free"
Carey Mulligan: At her mum's kitchen table. "I can sit in my pyjamas, with crazy hair and no make up and drink tea with my mum and feel like i'm 11 again, with no worries at all."
Sienna Miller: At home with her dog Porgy.

Emma Thompson has collaborated with Channel, photographer Nick Haddow and the Helen Bamber Foundation to bring together loads of famous female faces to raise awareness to the realties of Sex trafficking.

The idea was founded as a friend of Thompson's was actually a victim of sex trafficking and one day said she felt the safest when she steps onto a London underground train as that is when she feels just like everyone else. These set of photographs are linked with the single idea of where you feel the safest.

The safe exhibition is currently showing at Phillips De Pury, Howick Place SW1 until Nov and the photo's were auctioned off this week.

To found out more visit the Helen Bamber Foundation at

Photo's from the Sunday Times Style Magazine.

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