Saturday, November 13, 2010


Jon Beavis: drums
Andy S: Rhythm guitar
Adam Devonshire: bass guitar
Mark Bowen: Lead guitar and backing vocals
Joe Talbot: Lead singer

Last night I went to see Bristol based band Idle's at the world famous Louisiana. The band, who describe their music as post-punk/ new wave delivered a high energy full throttle performance, which ended in Guitarist Andy's energy meeting Bassist, Adam (or Dev as he is known by his mates) face! Spilling blood on the stage and his glasses in 3 pieces, but even this didn't stop them!

Joe Talbot, lead singer and born entertainer brings dulcet tones and melodies which are backed up by lead guitarist Mark Bowen. Technically brilliant drummer Jon Beavis and Bass guitar player Adam Devonshire's on-stage relationship is very tight, providing a musical backbone that most bands would be jealous of. New member Andy S (mysterious surname) brings high energy playing (adam's face is the proof) which adds the final touch to this throughly entertaining and infectious band.

Check the band out on Facebook by clicking HERE
The bands Myspace is HERE
Idle's will be on Hub radio 6pm this wednesday and will be playing STB Bristol on Nov 18th.

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