Saturday, November 27, 2010

Nicki Minaj the new gaga?

Hailed as the new gaga, the black gaga, hip hops answer to gaga, Nicki Minaj has forged quite a name for herself with daring bright outfits and all manner of wigs. Does she have to be compared to Gaga? Could they not both enjoy experimenting with 'out of the box' fashion in their own ways or do they have to be forever pigeon-holed together?


  1. I do not think she is like lady gaga at all. All of lady gaga's outfits have some kind of story behind them, and I am pretty sure Nicki Minaj just wants to be cute and different.

  2. Yeah, I think a lot of female artists are stepping up their fashion and making it more of a statement, the problem is that the media love labels!