Monday, November 8, 2010

Ema's fashion low down

The worst.....

And the best.....

Oh dear, Ke$ha better get a stylish and Taylor Mom- should get some friggin clothes. I loved Grazia(uk)'s description of Momsen in her usual black stockings and racoon eyes! Priceless. I know this might be controvesal but I think Rihanna's dress is wearing her, not the other way around. Sorry!!! I prefered her performance (see below).

As for thebest dressed I think my favorite was actually southern belle Miley Cyrus is this stunning D&G dress. And Kate Perry's fun 'ticket' dress by Jeremy Scott.

As for the prizes!!

best new act = Ke$ha

best pop = Lady Gaga

best alternative = Paramore

best video = Katy Perry 'California girls' (although it blatently should have been gaga and bouncy for Telephone!!!!)

best Male = Justin bieber (best boy?)

best live act = Linkin Park

best hip hop = Eminem

best push act = Justin Bieber

best world stage performance = Tokio hotel

best rock = Thirty seconds to mars

best female = gaga

best song = gaga with 'Bad Romance'

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