Thursday, November 11, 2010

new diesel window carnaby street

I was at Carnaby Street today and saw a great window display. It was for Diesel and it was created by London college of Fashion graduate Holly Somers. The breif was 'paper vs scissors' and it was inspired by Diesel's FW10 collection 'craft rebel'.

Holly was originally inspried by Japanese origami which is evident by the Women's collection which represented the 'paper' part of the brief. She created magnificent, intricate paper dye cut into winter trees. Some were glued to the outside of the shop and some made structures framing the manniquins and beyond, into the shop.

The manniquins were faceless but their wigs were Mary Antoinette meets punk, in grey! I loved them. The men's wigs didn't disapoint either, they had an exadurated teady boy feel to them, also in grey.

In the men's shop, they had bare trees with scissors hanging from the branches, looking like they were floating. One of the male manniquins also had a great scissor necklace.
Ultimately it did what is was suppose to- it captured our attention!

The window display will be there until january next year if you want to see it.

And btw Carnaby's christmas decorations are strangely spacey this year. bizarre

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