Tuesday, February 23, 2010

cold front

Suitable when you are uber hot or Lady Gaga. Personally i'm sticking to my thermals!

Are you prepared to die for fashion 2??Revenge of the fashionistas..

The invite for the Sass & Bide's show were printed on pieces of glass! There were reports of people cutting their hands on them, beware, there will be blood!

Are you prepared to die for fashion??

Danger was afoot last week when the goodie bags for Topshop unique range included a knife, the idea was that the goodie bag was a Victorinox survival kit to fashion week. So will lady gaga be cuttin Peaches Geldoff to get her hands on some winner goods? Lets hope so!

Maria Francesca Pepe

i really like these range by Maria Francesca from London fashion week a/w 2010. Nice simple shapes that offer something different!

The city

Walking around Cotteri i stumbled upon an episode of the city with one of my favorite people of all time, Kelly catrone. I have always wondered how a reality tv program manages to get so many different angles from different cameras. The answers is they set it up with many cameras and then film. Not so spontaneous then! No surprises there!

Monday, February 22, 2010

my favourite MOTEL dress right now!

I love love love the Jean dress in this alien style peacock print from MOTEL. It reminds me of Alexander McQueen's (rip) amazing spring 2010's range. All I need now is to get hold of some of those armidillo shoes and pile my hair into two peaks, easy!

Topshop stateside

Spending a lot of my time in various Topshops all over the UK, i had to pop into the one in NY. And I wasn't disappointed it had a great mix of wearable fashion that is so needed in the states! I must say I prefer the UK prices thou!

plastic fantastic

when in Rome.

New spork

A new york virgin no longer. Cotteri trade show has mainly been what ive seen but even that has some cool bits! These are from just outside, snowy but sunny!

jeoffrey campbell

shoe god

Las Vegas

Hello sun, its been a while.

las vegas

Last week i was in Las Vegas, my second trip to this mental city! Both times have been for work, selling Motel at MAGIC trade show. The show was great, we had loads of wicked shops come and buy Motel. Including a really cool shop called Wasteland. They have four shops in California. All wicked with a mix of vintage and new brands.
After work hours we got to see some sights on top of the stratosphere hotel. You can see the whole city from here and there are some crazy rides at the top!

first post!!

I've entered the world of blogging, putting out all the things i see and do that i enjoy. Expect.... spelling mistakes, fashion, art, places, scenes, heroes and more...hope its interesting!