Thursday, November 25, 2010

I got it!!!

SO, after a lot of my excitement about the Lavin for H&M collection i got up at 7.30am on Tuesday to go online and buy something from the collection but the site was already down, a hour later everything had sold out. So naturally I didn't think there was any hope that when I made my Thursday trip to London, there would be anything left to buy from the range. I'd also seen on Twitter that the only pieces left from the collection in the states were headed to Las Vegas for their new store.

As I was coming out of Topshop the girl in front of me had a Lavin for H&M tote, I thought maybe i'd just pop in, maybe it is a sign, so i headed for the same Regent street H&M that i posted pics of from the Grazia girls when they were caught in a buying frenzy on Tuesday morning.

And there they were, a few remaining pieces from the collection....but not only that, there was my favourite piece from the whole MY SIZE!! the fashion gods shine down on me and lit my way to the tills!

So here it is, my new baby.


  1. Good choice!

    Did you see this on Rumi from Fashion Toast?

    Its so cute in beige as well. Think I prefer your colour though...

  2. I didn't see that post, but i love it! Her shoes are amazing- i've been looking for a pair just like them! I love the Lavin dress, so beautiful!