Sunday, October 31, 2010

freaks me out!

After seeing so much press on Willow Smith and hearing her track I was kinda intrigued to see her video, it turns out the Willow Smith Video whip my hair wasn't too easy to find. After soooooo many spoofs, including "cool whip my hair" lol. I found it and I loved the styling, the song pretty catchy and the attitude but then I realized this girl is 9!!!!!!!! wtf?!? Although there isnt anything that provocative there is definately something that's a bit 'wrong' about the whole thing. One of the 'fake' versions of the video was these two guys talking about how cool the video was and that 'give her a few years....that's all im sayin' SO WRONG!!! in a few years she'll still only be 13!!!!

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