Wednesday, October 27, 2010

motel vintage

As some of you my know I work at Motel and today the girls who run the website let me rummage in their vintage goods and do a photo shoot for their motel vintage blog. We introduced a great Vintage section the webstore a while ago. It has a unique twist, every day that each garment is online, it goes down in price! It's called the temptation timer and there is a lot of great product and today they let me try one of their new maxi dresses soon to be uploaded online! Check the rest of the pics out on their motel vintage blog, the lush leather briefcase can be found on the website right now priced today at £41 but going down every day, so if you like the look of it get your bid in before someone else does!


  1. looking like a babe fennbelina xx

  2. !! you look FIT brambles. synch your tumblr with facebook too xxxxxxx