Saturday, October 30, 2010

miri's beauty secrets

Miri bee is a freind of mine who is a costume maker extraorinare, she is constantly working of various theatre productions making all manner of costumes. Along the way she has picked up loads of beauty tips. Miri recomended these three products as a staple for any ladies makeup bag.

1st) POWDER- dior skin, forever compact (she uses no.022) which i tested out and it really covers like a foundation, which i like as im lazy when it comes to make-up. It's retailed at £26.50 but refills are cheaper.

2nd) FOUNDATION dior skin, nude. Natural glow hydrating make up, this is good for evenings where you might want a bit more cover. Retails at £29

3rd) CONCEALER lancome, effacernes longuetenue, longlasting concealer. Aparently better than YSL touche eclat as it doesn't have a brush which soaks up half of the concealer so the Lancome lasts longer! retail price for this one is £19 and you can buy it in boots and get points on your card! Or do like Miri does and build up your points so that it pays for the concealer, perfect!

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