Monday, October 25, 2010

Brimble, you nutter!

Twitter is odd, I was just done reading on MTV news that Katy perry and Russell brand have got married yesterday and went on my twitter to see Russell had tweeted this picture and the message “we did!”, I couldn’t help but sit there thinking, well done Russell. And then I remembered, he isn’t a friend of mine, he’s a celebrity who has no idea who I am yet I get to see personal comments from the man himself. Most sat/sun nites at the moment I sit down to watch xfactor with Henry holland, Phillips scoffield and Alan Carr commenting away on twitter. What I sadly find hard to remember is it’s a one way conversation, so as I was just about to write well done Russell on my twitter page, quoting his name- so he knew I had written it, I took a moment, had a word with myself and stopped being such a bloody nutter! Haha

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