Monday, February 28, 2011

Natalie Portman stalked me!

ok, well she was at the next table from us last week in New York, innocently having dinner with her fiance, but a week later she wins her Oscar, and what is on every ones lips? Where can I get a fabulous pair of tassle earrings like hers? The answer... i found some on ASOS

stalking the Portman

oscar fashion!!!

One of my favourite things to do with my mum when I was younger was to look through her OK magazine with her at the time of the Oscars so we can look at all the dresses. So why break a habit of a lifetime, here are the good, the bad and the too exposed (Madonna you know who you are!!)

Yes, she looks a bit naked, but she also looks fabulous!

love this beautiful dress, gorgeous!

michelle williams looking radiant as ever

another beautiful paneled dress


absolutely gorgeous detailing.

love the color gradient on this stunning dress

Paltrow in nude beauty

Florence does just do it once......

..she does it twice in these too absolutely fabulous dresses, perhaps my favorites of the whole night, yum!

Emma Roberts showing style has no age.

Mirren never gets it wrong, does she? I love her.

A very tasteful choice, love the 1920's feel

one of Hathaway's many dresses of the evening, I love the structured top on this one!

This is a cute dress on Paquin

Love Lourdes, but Madonna- put your frigging legs away! Were over it!

Love the idea of this dress but the reality makes an odd body shape!

Stone = scary

Just bad

Nicole usually gets it so right, but i'm just not convinced by this one.

I love the structured top and the general shape for this dress.

far too short.

the dress is wearing Mendes

not really Oscar-worthy, more miami night out. yes we know your still hot Diaz.

Just don't like this one, but i love the hair.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

the Hilfigers

Tommy Hilfiger as a brand was amazingly popular in the 90's, everyone wanted a blue, red and white jumper from them! But how's this for an add campaign? Looks like they're taken a holiday at the Hamptons and mixed it with gossip girl, the royal tenembaums and the legacy of the Hilfiger brand. I love it!

the jeffrey campbell skate.

officially the coolest shoes in town. watch and be in awe

hair turban?

I found this today on nasty gal's turban! not sure mine would stay tbh.

topshop colour pop

Shop Topshop at

topshops new salon- Bleach

fresh off last years obsession, Topshop have jumped onto the lucrative dip dye trend and have opened up a new salon during LFW which bleaches, colours, and personalizes your hair. I've been thinking about doing something new with mine...maybe i'll get some inspiration here?

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Jules Kim's Bijules

We had drinks with Jules Kim in New York last week and I had to share some of her jewelry with you cos it is amazing! Not only is she stunning, has a mazing dagger tattoos on both her arms, her jewelry is worn by all of my favorite pop queens, she's also leading the way for all other jewelry designers. check it out on