Thursday, October 28, 2010

kate moss's final range for Topshop

Kate Moss launches her final range in Topshop on Monday, she is to attend the launch from 7pm at the Oxford circus store. Her range this time includes jewelry and clothes, 'inspired' by her own wardrobe an in honor of this Oxford Circus are going to transfer on of their window displays into a replica of her bedroom fitted with her clothes and then there will be 7 days of Kate. Way to go out with a bang! But what is the reason for the final collection..? Kate and Sir Green both say that Kate hasn't got the time to create such big collections, Phillip G continued saying that it made sense to go forward with something smaller. This has all coincided with Philly G's daughter Chloe's new involvement in her dad's Topshop empire, is Chloe to be the new face of Topshop?...Who knows.

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