Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The UK's nasty Gal?

So, like so many British girls I love Nasty Gal, the coolest US website with the best mix of vintage and uber cool brands but as cool as it is there is that sting in the tail- the customs delivery charge. If only there as a website with the same spunk, that is on top of the brands of the moment and the best hand picked vintage in the UK- Oh wait, there is Yayer! Voted one of the top vintage webstores by Reveal magazine, if you haven't been getting your fashion fix here you need to start!
These are my favourite garments of the moment!



  1. Did u find that galaxy maxi dress on yayer?

    1. Yes but it was a while ago now. For something similar you might like this


  2. do you know anywhere to find a dress like this? xx