Friday, December 3, 2010

David Arquette having a 'good time'

WHAT is he doing?? It hasn't been that long since David Arquette and Courtney Cox's 'trail separation', there was that famous radio call in to the Howard Stern show where he said A LOT of personal things that perhaps he shouldn't have aired in public and now he seems determined to show how he's having the 'time of his life' by a constant stream of Twitter pictures. This has apparently left Courtney Cox in a state of despair and who can blame her?
The last thing we want to see when we're on a break or have broken up with our partner is him/her posting "i'm fine with it, in fact i'm great" images or facebook statuses or twitter updates. This is the BIG downside to social networking sites. Poor Courtney, move on love! go out and fine yourself a nice guy who doesn't act like a complete duffus!

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