Saturday, December 11, 2010

fashion photographer Lee Rey-ient

I first saw Lee's photographs at her degree fashion show. As a fashion student it took her a year of doing 3D making to come to the conclusion she was a stylist and a photographer, so her final project, unlike most of her colleagues wasn't a range going down a catwalk but a collection of her fabulous photographs. And a viewer of all this year had to offer that day, her photographs caught my eye.

Her main inspiration comes from the world around her, personal situations, friends and adventures they find themselves on, music, and the moon, which she says stops her in her tracks.

She is a massive hoarder, which I can totally identify with but I fear her addiction is much worse, she has 4 rails packed with clothes, 9 suitcases full, a wardrobe and a chest of drawers full of clothes. Which she never wants to get rid of because you never know when they might come in handy! And I quote, she "collects clothing, couldn't possibly throw anything away and has anything and everything whether or not it fits them because one day it may well come in use." We're enlisting in hoarders anonymous next week.

I love these pictures, the glamour, humour and a simplicity that works effortlessly. The brief was fabric so Lee covered the background in fabric and customized all accessories to the same colour, including the velour phone. When I asked Lee where the idea to put the skull in the shoot came from she said, lit was just lying around and made sense (hoarding becoming useful).

These sets of pictures are of Lee's friend Loren who makes corsets, such as the one he is wearing in these pictures. They went for a walk in some woods near Pill and stumbled upon this amazing lake with concrete frame which made a great backdrop to these pictures. Loren also is a keen taxidermist, Lee recalled how he once found a road kill pigeon and he made it into a hat which got sold and randomly ended up on the head of Kelis in the back of her album artwork. Great story!

Her final exhibition was to be shown on some plywood boards painted white but Lee kindly told her tutor that, that 'didn't work for her' and went out and bought a horse trailer off ebay for £200. She made wallpaper by collage of old illustrations, put in a fake fireplace, bought a chaise lounge chair and turned it into a mini gallery for her work. She also took it to a festival last summer and turned it into a bar.

She has an exhibition of her work in Cafe Kino at the moment (9 tree hill bristol) so check it out and if you like buy something! Lee's photo's are available on request and are reasonably priced. So if you are interested email Lee at also check out her blog here

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