Thursday, December 30, 2010

hilary Alexander's worst dressed of 2010

So Hilary Alexander has spoken, her list of worst outfits of 2010 has been uploaded, but what do we think?

Taylor Momsen: totally agree, the girl aint got game, she dresses like she's in the game. You don't need to dress like that to get peoples attention, invest in a good stylist taylor!
SOBO: ok, perhaps the skirts too high, but for all we know she was just popping down the shops for some milk. God knows I don't always dress to impress when I do the same!
Sharon Stone: dare we say 'mutton'? I think we dare! Sharon you are still hot but maybe say goodbye to leather tight ensembles?

SATC 2: How excited did I get? Having watched every episode and the previous film to the point I can quote it all, I felt a bit cheated, as many of us did when we saw SATC 2 turn into some sort of carry on film. The fashion wasn't what we were used to either but I will say I loved some of Miranda's outfits. She doesn't usually get to have some of the jaw-droppers but at Stanford's wedding, her low cut sequin dress was one of my favourites of the whole movie. Equally, carrie set us all off with her turban trend when channelling Florence of arabia.

Rihanna: As I may have stated before,(once or twice) but I haven't always agreed with some of Rihanna's fashion choices BUT I love the raven haired beauty she has turned into this year. This look was pre-transformation however I kinda feel, on-stage outfits are suppose to be OTT aren't they?

Meryl Streep: I love Meryl and her fabulous skin!! but I have to agree this outfit doesn't do this wonder woman justice! What would Miranda Preistly say?

Marion Cotillard: possibly one of the naturally sexy women around but what an error in judgement, you are gorgeous, simple is better!
Madge: This year madge has been mainly enjoying toy boy success, constantly working out and helping her daughter reach super stardom with their fashion range. We said enough was enough last year when we'd seen more than we needed of madge in a leotard- has she just gone the other direction and is covering up completely? Personally I'm not a fan of this get up, sorry.

Lynsey Lohan: Not a stranger to these sorts of lists, this lady has had quite a year, still this isn't an excuse to channel Kat Slater! We still love her thou right?

Blake Lively: Also on most of this years best dressed lists so what let her down? The age old rule that it's either leg of bust, never both. agreed.

La Toya Jackson: Agreed.

Kerry Katona: To be honest, this isn't that bad, we've defiantly seen worse from Kerry.

Josephine La Baume: Looks like she has gone out in her onesy pj's. bad.

Jordan: enough said. still this one is particularly bad isn't it? wow

yasmin Le Bon: More M&S than model in this pink wonder. Hilary described her as usually a fantastic advert for the sexy fortysomething lady but not in this instance.

Isabel Lucas: On a lot of 'ones to watch' style lists this year, Lucas's outfit below didn't seem to do anything for Alexander however, it doesn't offend me at all, maybe the shoes could go, but apart from that I think its quite a cute, subtle outfit.

Gweynth Paltrow: I agree with Alexander, the risky cut, clubbed with the lace up AND the colour makes it a bit hookerville.

Lady GAGA: This meat dress has made a load of list for this years fashion moments (mine included see later) and yet it is a bit of an eye sore, radical, yes, nice??...well not really! lol

Cherly Cole: lady of the people, this outfit didn't win the xfactor fash off that week. I've made reference to Cheryls likeness to dracular with this hair in a blog before so I'm inclined to agree, the hair lets her down, that and the panel across the top of her dress, not a fan of that.

Cher: Love her and her ever ability to keep the same wardrobe for the last 40 years, i can't help but lover her for this...i know its wrong, but its Cher!
all images from Hilary Alexanders column at fashion


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  2. My blog, my rules. IF your going to be a critic, don't be anon.