Saturday, October 15, 2011

Kadi Carter Jewellery

In the last few years jewellery has got more and more interesting. Last year I met up with Bijules designer Jules Kim who is very well known for her knuckleduster rings and recently I spoke to Bristol's coolest jewellery maker Kadi Carter, who is taking rings into a different direction with these individual custom made silver antler rings.

BW: you are a hair stylist in one for the coolest hair dressing saloons in Bristol by day, what made you get into jewellery by night?

KC: I got into jewellery design out of interest and that just snowballed! I make and hand-finish the rings myself.

BW: how did you learn this unique trade?

KC: Lots of internet research, youtube tutorials & experimenting with various pieces of equipment. Then I found a course in London at Holts Academy

BW: The rings are really unique what inspired you to come up with this look?

KC: The rings were inspired by my love of antlers and the imagery of them hanging on a wall or, in taxidermy form like a stags head, and bringing that element into a wearable, although slightly excessive, piece of jewellery.

BW: who are your favourite jewellery designers at the moment?

KC: right now I love Gina Melosi, Scott Wilson, Jenny Bloy and Imogen Belfield.

If you want to get you hands on one of these wearable yet slightly excessive (as all the best jewellry should be!) visit Kadi's website


  1. thanks Kadi. glad to see your work's getting appreciation!

  2. Wow these are amazing! I was literally just thinking last night how cool it would be to do antler rings but looks like the idea's already taken! Great interview, really inspiring! Louise xxx