Saturday, January 1, 2011

changing faces of 2010

This year we have seen more celebs bow down to the god of plastic and turn their backs on mother nature.

Kylie Minogue: We all love her but I was so disappointed to see her changing face this year, don't do it Kylie!! It never ends well!

Sharon Osbourne: Not a stranger to surgery, it's always seemed to do her well although this year she's gone a step too far.

Katie Price: Another one for plastic surgery but that mouth has got more and more troutie and more and more stiff. Dare we say she looks a little like SOBO?

Heidi Montag: What can we say? What sort of crisis at 24 leads to having so much surgery you make your own mother cry. This was one of the saddest breakdowns we've seen since Britters shaved her head.

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