Saturday, March 20, 2010

NYC "So goth kids love pingpong, who knew?"

Louie, the owner of the ever so cool shop Oak launched Oak's 4th Oakazine with a free party at Spin. The club, which was also a ping pong hall was full of Nyc's most fabulous darkly clothed youths. Nu ober trendy goths, flying ping pong balls and a heap load of bloggers. Between getting our photos taken by bloggers (trust me, this statement isn't as impressive as it sounds, everyone was getting their photo taken!), dodging flying ping pong balls and sipping on really strong gin and tonic's, i managed to take some photo's myself!
We met zana Bayne, who makes wondeful fashion harnesses, click on her name to go through to her blog. We also met Karen Blanchard who creates the blog 'where did u get that' a treasure trove of great fashion pieces and a rather tall elaborately dressed lady with butt inplants! All in all it was a fun night and a great insight into life in the big apple.

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